Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual tour? 
A virtual tour is a 360 degree picture that moves and also provides information and links to other areas/locations. Don't be fooled by moving slideshows. Experience a home, area or business as if you were standing onsite and turn in a circle to see everything around you.

What is hosting? 
Each virtual tour has file that are hosted (saved) on a server.  This is required to create and maintain each virtual tour to be accessible on the internet.  

What is and "I - info" in the virtual tour?
Adding a title and providing information helps the person viewing the virtual tour know more. You can also add clickable links in the information area. 

What is a hotlink?
When the virtual tour is created you can "link" scenes to go from one room to another or another location within the virtual tour, as though you were walking around.